to DIY or not to that's the real question

All my fellow DIYers let me see your hands up! Yes! we all know too well that joyous adrenaline that gushes through us when we imagine the finished product. And plus yes we can save some money! yes we can get our hands dirty. The excitement!! who needs the "experts"? It does not matter that we have zero skills for what we are about to embark on, that we have zero patience for reading the overly long instructions on how to do it, that we have zero tolerance for the nay sayers constantly telling us "i told you you should have hired someone to do this" as they watch you fail (sometimes it is that annoying inner voice inside of you). Sometimes we actually triumph and the project is perfect even if only in our eyes! Those times can be few and very far in between though depending on the projects. Sometimes we abandon the project and add it to our list of things to get back to later or we seek help from the real experts. Or sometimes we do finish and who cares if we find extra nuts and bolts we did not use. It must be that they generously shipped more than we needed, but to be on the safe side just no jumping on the new bed..., I guess my point is learn when to DIY and when not to. It's not for everyone and it's not for every project. I read this great article called 8 reasons to jump off the DIY Bandwagon- by Laura Gaskill on and it totally resonates with me. Happy reading!

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