When home includes office and school

For some people, pre - COVID era (seems like a long time ago), it was easy to separate work from home. All you had to do back then was physically leave the office and drive to your sanctuary for a well deserved rest! Tuning off and spending quality time with family or by yourself was easily achievable.

Then came working from home with the lock down. For a lot of people without a dedicated office space, that meant working long hours from dining tables or couches or anywhere they could plug in their laptops and sit. And then online school started and additional adjustments had to be made for kids to find a comfortable spots to work from.

Staying home has made people rethink the functional use of spaces and get creative with maximizing spaces. I have heard clients say they suddenly came to the realization that they don't like their homes! Now that they have had to spend more time in it, they realize how much it is not working for them. But after consulting with them, I helped them realize it's not the home that is the issue, but that spaces have not been set up to show their full potentials and maximize the functionality.

New Home Office

The fixes could be as simple as rearranging furniture, decluttering, exposing sources of light. Painting walls, changing light fixtures, exchanging bulky furniture pieces for smaller ones in a tight space can also make a huge difference. Having good organization and storage system can never be over emphasized as it dramatically reduces clutters and creates more space. We have also utilized unfinished spaces in the homes, like in the basements, to create additional usable square footage to homes.

This Dining space before picture
Dining Space Before Picture
Dining space After Picture

A professional designer can help identify the best solutions to meet the needs of the occupants of the home while creating stunning spaces. Chioma Chijuka is vey skilled in this area and has helped many clients transform their homes to the stunning functional place they love.

Contact Ceeceesinteriors and see how we can work together to transform your home.

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