Home Staging Helps Real Estate Investors and Builders Maximize Profits

When selling your investment property, are you tempted to leave the house empty?

Decorating your house to sell, also called “home staging” or “real estate staging,” will

help you sell your investment in record time and get top dollar for your home.

According to home staging expert Debra Gould, real estate investors who are preparing

to list a home on the market shouldn’t skimp on furnishings and accessories in an

attempt to save money. “When you've gone through expensive renovations, suffered

with delays or extended beyond your budget, it's difficult to stay motivated to the bitter

end,” says Gould. “It can be tempting to say, ‘It's good enough. The paint's dry. Let's put

it on the market as is!’ This is shortsighted and can cost you a bundle! It's relatively

inexpensive to rent anything you need, and these finishing touches help ensure tha

t you

make the profit you deserve for all those costly renovations and repairs.”

Imagine it's the Academy Awards. A big star is planning to wear a fabulous designer


gown, so she decides she doesn't really need to get her hair done. Does everyone talk

about the fabulous gown? Of course not. All they can remember is the terrible hair!

Or imagine a fine painting that’s been placed in a frame from the dollar store. Does the

painting have the same appeal as it would if it had been framed by a professional?

Conversely, have you ever taken one of your child's paintings and had it framed? What

a difference it makes compared to how it looks when it’s stuck to the fridge with a


5 Reasons It’s a Bad Idea to Leave

Rooms Empty When Showing Your House

1. People don't buy houses; they buy homes.

2. It is difficult to understand how large a room is when there's nothing in it to use as

a reference point.

3. People can't visualize how furniture will fit in an empty space, and if they're

unsure, they don't buy.

4. When a room is empty, prospective buyers focus on negative details instead of

falling in love with the overall space. Rather than looking at the flow of one room

to another, prospective buyers get bogged down in questions like: Is the drywall

smooth? Will those bumps in the carpet come out? Why doesn't the closet have

a hanging bar? Why doesn't that molding fit perfectly? Why is the light switch in

the middle of the wall?

5. When a house or even a few rooms are empty, prospective buyers may become

distracted from the house itself and shift their focus to the homeowners. Instead

of focusing on whether this is the home for them, they may be busy wondering: Is

this couple getting a divorce? Has the family left town? Are they selling because

they have money problems? This train of thought can then prompt buyers to

begin thinking, "Maybe I can put in a low-ball offer since the seller might be

desperate." Definitely not the picture you are trying to paint!

Home staging is about packaging a home to show off its best features and downplay the

flaws. You romance the buyer and entice them into making an emotional connection

with your house. So, bring in some furnishings and accessories to add character and

warmth to the home. Taking the time for these final details will ultimately translate into a

higher return on your investment.

Ceecees Interiors Inc. has been styling homes in the GTA and around helping sellers maximize profit. Contact us to find out how we can help you sell above asking price!!



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